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New Rauner Attack Ad Blasts Quinn's 'Broken Promises'

The Illinois GOP gubernatorial unleashes his most negative TV commercial to date



    "When you hear Pat Quinn's false attacks, remember his broken promises," intones the woman narrator in Bruce Rauner's latest ad targeting Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn.

    The 30-second TV spot, unleashed Friday, is Rauner's most negative to date. And it appears aimed mainly at the crucial contigent of female voters who may be on the fence on re-electing Quinn, whose low approval ratings have made the Democratic governor a massive liability within his own party.

    The ad (view below) contrasts Quinn's words and actions, interspersing footage of Quinn promising not to slash public education funding nor raise taxes with press headlines negating those public vows. It refrains from describing those aforementioned "false attacks" from Quinn's campaign.

    "Again and again, Pat Quinn broke his word and failed the people of Illinois," Rauner said in a statement Friday. "After promising to make job creation a top priority, Illinois finds itself tied for the worst unemployment rate in the Midwest. After promising not to cut education spending, he gutted it by more than $500 million. After promising to protect working families from higher taxes, he passed a massive 67 percent tax hike on every Illinoisan – and now he’s trying to make that tax hike permanent."

    In response, Quinn released a litany of counterpoints to his wealthy Republican rival's claims as "false on multiple levels. According to the Philadelphia Reserve, Illinois is ranked No. 1 in the Midwest for projected growth over the next six months."

    Quinn's press secretary, Izabela Miltko, dredged up the recent Rauner tax-avoidance revelations, adding: "In the absence of any substantive plans to confront challenges facing Illinois, billionaire Bruce Rauner got an early start distorting Governor Quinn’s record of fighting for working families and getting the job done. It's worth noting that Rauner is paying for these false attacks, and many more to come, with cash he grabbed by jumping through elite tax loopholes that cause the middle class to pay more."