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Braun Shakes Up Campaign



    Braun Shakes Up Campaign
    Carol Moseley Braun

    Word on the street is the Carol Moseley Braun campaign is having an organization shuffle.  

    Sources tell Ward Room that Victor Reyes, Mayor Richard Daley's onetime political enforcer and Hispanic Democratic Organization head, is out as senior campaign advisor.

    Chicago attorney David Schaffer is said to be taking a more hands on role in the campaign. Schaffer took the lead with reporters' questions on her taxes last week.

    But State Sen. Martin Sandoval, who supports Moseley Braun, said Reyes "will continue to be engaged in a senior capacity."

    "Reyes is focused as he ever was.  We are pushing as hard as ever in the Hispanic community for Braun," Sondoval added.

    When asked about what role Schaffer had taken on with Braun, he said there were "a number of go-to guys."    

    Mike Noonan, a former Mike Madigan political aide who was serving as her campaign manager, moves to a different role within the campaign. His title hasn't changed, but now he's managing a ground game, with 150 canvassers who are trained to go door-to-door to reach Braun voters.

    Renee Ferguson, spokesman from Braun's campaign, confirmed that there had been a reorganization, but only because their operation has grown recently with an influx of personnel from the James Meeks and Danny K. Davis campaings.