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Brady and Quinn Quibble Over "Most Wanted" Legislation



    No one is giving an inch in the hotly contested Illinois governor's race, which has Bill Brady three points ahead of incumbent Pat Quinn in polls.

    So when GOP candidate Bill Brady says the governor is stalling on signing a new bill that asks the state to establish a "Most Wanted E-Gallery" that would post online recent photos, names and aliases of those released early from prison, Brady is of course trying to score points by reminding voters of the 1,700 prisoners released early last fall under his opponent Governor Pat Quinn's watch. 

    The Quinn campaign however is quick to note while Brady may have been a co-sponsor of the bill he "didn't show up to vote" when the bill was approved on March 17th, according to Quinn campaign spokesman Mica Matsoff. 
    "If Senator Brady truly thought this issue was important - rather than useful for scoring political zingers- we assume he'd have taken the time to vote on it," Matsoff adds. 

    The Brady campaign doesn't buy that logic.

    "Sen. Brady is the chief co-sponsor of the legislation  ... and helped shepherd the bill through the legislative process," spokesm Patt Schuh responds.  

    Schuh says the proposal earned unanimous approval in the House and Senate even though Brady was not present for that vote.  
    As for the new "Most Wanted E Gallery" the Department of Corrections says it's already posting the information asked for in this bill on their website -- and that the info has been available for years. 

    Nevertheless,  the governor has 60 days to sign or veto the bill or it becomes law -- it was approved May 21st, so the clock is ticking.