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Brady: Schools May Have "Overstepped Rationality" on Immigration Issue



    GOP gubernatorial candidate Bill Brady says that immigration is a federal issue, and that the failure of current and past administrations in failing to address the issue causes much consternation. (Published Saturday, May 15, 2010)

    GOP gubernatorial hopeful Bill Brady said today he supports schools right to make decisions, but worries Highland Park may have "overstepped rationality" in preventing their girls' basketball team from traveling to Arizona.

    "I certainly respect the school district's right to make decisions, I believe in local control," Brady said. "I just hope they haven't overstepped rationality in this case."

    "The whole immigration issue just drives to the problem we have at the federal level," Brady said. "Immigration is a federal issue. It's not a state by state issue. And the failure of this administration, and arguably even past administrations, to come up with a long-term solution to this just drives wedges in our society that we don't need at this time."