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Bloomberg Doubles Down on Gun Ads



    New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg could care less about ruffling feathers in Chicago political scene. 

    The three-term New York mayor Tuesday defended the actions of Independence USA, the super-PAC he runs, for airing anti-gun, anti-Halvorson ads in the Chicago-area district of former Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr.

    Bloomberg told reporters Tuesday that illegal handguns are a "scourge" on society and said the country needs sensible gun laws. 

    Halvorson, a  former congresswoman, is running to replace Jackson who resigned in November. She opposes an assault weapons ban.
    She says Bloomberg is trying to buy an election and colluding with another Democratic front-runner, former state Rep. Robin Kelly. Kelly wants a ban.
    Guns are a top issue in Illinois' 2nd District. It's largely Democratic, so the winner of next week's primary will likely head to Washington.