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Blago's Stuff Heads to Auction



    A suburban storage company holding items belonging to Rod Blagojevich hasn't been paid in over a year, and plans to sell off the items to the public. (Published Monday, July 26, 2010)

    Rod Blagojevich has a storage problem.

    The former governor hasn’t paid the bill on a series of wooden storage units in Arlington Heights and the CEO of the storage company says he plans to sell Blago’s stuff, according to the Chicago Tribune.

    Paul Lombardo, CEO of Boyer-Rosene Moving and Storage, plans to hold a public auction on August 14 to get rid of a host of Blagojevich relics. He notified Blagojevich of his plans through a certified letter.

    Among the booty is a life-sized statue of Elvis Presley, the governor’s idol.

    That’s about as specific as Lombardo would get. He told the Tribune that most of the stuff in the storage spaces are papers and personal records that Blagojevich would want.

    But Lombardo said he wouldn’t profit from the sale. Instead he plans to donate the proceeds to Children’s Memorial Hospital.