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Blagojevich's Coupled State Construction and Fundraising, Says Witness



    Gerald Krozel, former VP for Prairie Material, a building material supplier, testified that in 2002 he helped raise $500,000 for Blago's 2002 campaign. But by 2008 he didn't contribute at all because "there were rumors about the governor and personal feelings".  

    Even though he did not make a contribution that year, Krozel was asked by Lon Monk to attend a meting at FOB with Blago, Robert Blagojevich on Sept 18, 2008.

    Krozel says during the meeting, Blago talked about his Tollway Project that he was about to unveil, and that it did not need legislative approval. $1.5 billion would be available in October 2008. Another $6 billion would come in January 2009 -- shorty after the Ethics Reform Law would go into affect.

    Krozel says Blago "would like him to do fundraising by end of year, before the law changes".

    Krozel answered he didn't know what he could do. When pressed again on how much he could raise, Krozel testified "Because of the bill and request for money, it was very coincidental. Fundraising would determine the validity of the project. In my mind, they were coupled".