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Blagojevich "Doesn't Regret" Bringing Kids to Court



    Speaking at Dirksen Tuesday, lawyers for Rod Blagojevich said the ex-governor's primary concern right now was in keeping the news of the trial away from their kids. (Published Tuesday, Aug. 10, 2010)

    Rod Blagojevich's primary concern right now is keeping the news of the trial away from his daughters, according to the ex-governor's attorneys.

    Sam Adam and Sam Adam Jr. made an appearance at Dirksen Federal Court Tuesday, the first time since closing arguments almost two weeks ago. Speaking to a crew of reporters in the lobby, Adam said both Rod and Patti were most concerned about their family.

    "Their biggest problem is not letting this get to their children," said Sam Adam. "Little Annie who's eight years old, they've got to keep all the news away from her, and it's very difficult.

    "She's scared she's going to lose her daddy."

    Asked then why the Blagojevichs brought their children to court, Adam said the decision wasn't a calculated gambit for publicity.

    "Amy insisted on going, she said 'I want to see what's going on here,'" Adam said of the Blagojevich's 14-year-old. "And when she said that, then they tried to leave Annie at home, and Annie just wouldn't do it ... Now that's how that really did happen.

    "I know the news media all said this was a play for sympathy, not at all."

    Asked whether the Blagojevich's regretted the decision, Adam said "No, not at all."