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Blagojevich Trial Will End Near Election Day: Attorneys



    A motion filed by Robert Blagojevich's attorneys to sever his trial from his brother's says the entire spectacle is expected to last five months.

    Since the Blagojevich trial is scheduled to begin in June, that time frame suggests the trial would extend throughout the entirety of the campaign season.

    The resulting spotlight on Democratic corruption could have averse affects on that party's chances at the polls.

    That said, Robert Blagojevich's attorneys are arguing the trial will last longer because it's in the interests of their client to say so. So, y'know, could be balderdash.

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    From the motion:

    The Sixth Amendment affords the accused the right to have a jury of his peers. This trial will take approximately 5 months. Jurors will be excused for hardship reasons which would not occur if Robert Blagojevich would be tried alone since that trial wouldn’t take more than a month.


    Robert Blagojevich resides approximately 500 miles away in Nashville, Tennessee, where he operates a business. The logistics of an extended trial presents a serious demand on Robert Blagojevich’s ability to oversee and run his business. Moreover, the expense of having a legal team sit through months and months of testimony which has no bearing on their client, is a burden that Robert Blagojevich should not be made to incur.

    Heaven forbid.

    Rob Blago's attorneys also argue, of course, that Rod Blagojevich's bad reputation will "spill over" and affect a jury's perception of his brother.