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Blagojevich Campaign Fund Officially Tapped



    Blagojevich Campaign Fund Officially Tapped
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    Blago Saga Continues |
    Deputy Governor Robert Greenlee testified that Rod would hide in bathrooms to avoid discussing complex issues. Other tapes played portrayed Blago as a foul-mouthed, brooding governor.

    Around the same time that the Blagojevich jury was writing to Judge James Zagel to ask for the transcripts of Bradley Tusk's testimony Monday, another important development occurred: 

    Blagojevich officially ran out of money for his defense.

    After the U.S. District Clerk Michael Dobbins meted out the final $73,693 from the Friends of Blagojevich Campaign Fund Friday he announced the fund was "zeroed out."

    Before the trial Zagel told Blagojevich's lawyers they would be paid from the fund for as long as it lasted, once it ran out, they would have to apply for public funds to pay for the defense. He stipulated that should lawyers ask for public funds to pay for their services they would be paid like public defenders at a rate of $110-per-hour.

    Before they apply, the court could attempt to sell some of Blagojevich's assets.  But Rod and Patti are reportedly $200,000 in debt.

    If the defense team is granted public funds, it will put the public in the precarious position of pay for both the prosecution and defense of the former governor.