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Blagojevich: "Bring on the White People!"



    On December 4, 2008, Blagojevich was warming to the idea of Jesse Jackson Jr.  A new poll had indicated Jackson had much higher support in the black community than Lisa Madigan, who had been Blagojevich's first choice because he hoped to cut a deal with her father, the powerful House Speaker.

    Incredulous aides reminded Blagojevich in a phone call secretly recorded by the government, that Jackson had politically double-crossed Blagojevich before.  But the governor told them that this time he was being offered something different.

    "There's tangible concrete stuff from supporters," he said, apparently referring to $1.5 million in campaign help which had been promised by Jackson backers.  "Specific amounts and everything.  There is some of it up front."

    And: "A coalition of me, Jackson and Meeks. I'll run again. Bring on the white people!"

    Later in the conversation, Blagojevich says, "Jesse Jackson wants it badly!  And he's the only one willing to offer stuff!"

    The governor was arrested five days later.