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Blagojevich Restarts Media Blitz



    Blagojevich Restarts Media Blitz
    Jan. 23, 2009 | Media Blitz.
    In the weeks following his impeachment, Blagojevich did a wall-to-wall media tour, talking to anyone who would have him.

    You knew it was going to happen.

    Three days after being convicted for lying to the FBI, Rod Blagojevich will travel to New York City Friday to have a chat with Meridith Vieira on NBC's "Today Show."

    Then he'll sit down with Jon Stewart on "The Daily Show."  After that he's heading to Fox News Sunday to have a post-trial interview with Chris Wallace.

    Sound familiar? It's the same sort of media blitz Blagojevich embarked upon after he was first indicted. Many speculated that he was looking to taint the jury pool by presenting himself as a likable buffoon. It appears to have worked. Blagojevich escaped the most serious charges he was facing.

    But the former governor is a convicted felon this time around and his charm offensive could be hampered by his persona-non-grata status.

    Besides the national media exposure, Blago will do a number of local programs including WLS-AM's Don Wade and Roma show and WVON-AM's Cliff Kelley show.

    Set your TiVo.