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Blago Trial: Daily Journal 7/13



    Blago Trial: Daily Journal 7/13
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    Blago Saga Continues |
    Deputy Governor Robert Greenlee testified that Rod would hide in bathrooms to avoid discussing complex issues. Other tapes played portrayed Blago as a foul-mouthed, brooding governor.

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    What to expect today:FBI agent Daniel cain will testify to Blagojevich's extraordinary legal bills.  The governor allegedly had $1.2 million in expenses months before the feds started investigating him.  
    Also, John Wyma, Blago's former congressional chief of staff will testify  about his boss's penchant for trading legislation for money and favors. The prosection has signaled it could rest its case today.
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    Prosecutors say today they will play a tape from Nov, 10, 2008, where Rod Blagojevich speculates about announcing he will not seek re-election, to avoid impeachment.  [Read the Full Story]

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    If the prosecution rests today, the judge says he will not resume testimony until Monday. 

    Prosecutors showed the jury video of Rod Blagojevich taking the oath of office in 2003 and again in 2007, vowing to uphold the constitutions of the United States and the state of Illinois, and to "faithfully discharge the office of governor."

    They also established that he was a Cook County Prosecutor at one time.

    12:09 pm

    Former Blagojevich loyalist John Wyma is now on the stand.  Things are much more tense as this latest Blagojevich loyalist testifies.  At one point, Patti Blagojevich furiously wrote something on a legal pad and passed it to the defense table.

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    Wyma has testified that he was told to even be considered for business at Teachers' Retirement Sustem, an investment firm needed to kick in $50,000 to the governor's campaign fund. 

    "I thought it was wrong!  Obviously wrong!"

    Wyma says he was aware of a shakedown of a Chicago school.  That thee governor discussed q similar shakedown associates with the tollway with him as well.  And then a similar attempt with Children's Hospital.  It was after that, that he said he became outraged with what was happening. 

    "I was very uncomfortable that there was a pending state action and fundraising at the same time."

    Around that time, Wyma said he started assisting the FBI, but he stopped short of wearing a wire on his former boss.

    2:46 pm

    On cross examination, defense lawyer Sheldon Sorosky established that Wyma at one time represented Provena Hospitals before the health facilities planning board, and got help on a matter before the board from Tony Rezko.  That is the reason he was already scheduled to speak to the FBI, when he took them the matter involving Blagojevich.

    Sorosky suggested that this was Wyma's motivation to cooperate. He was essentially trying to save his own skin on an unrelated matter.

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