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Blago Retrial: Daily Journal 5/11



    Blago Retrial: Daily Journal 5/11
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    12:16 p.m.: The government played one of Blagojevich's biggest tirades, from election day 2008, when he was feeling especially unappreciated.

    "My upward trajectory is (expletive) stalled if not (expletive) terminally wounded, you know, by Obama."

    "I (expletive) busted my ass and pissed people off and gave your grandmother a free (expletive) ride on a bus. Okay? I gave your (expletive) baby a chance to have health care. I fought every one of those (expletives), including every special interest out there who can make my life easier and better, because they want to raise taxes on you and I won't."

    "And what do I get for that? Only thirteen percent of you all out there think I'm doing a good job. So (expletive) all of you!"

    11:19 a.m.: Atty. Sheldon Sorosky calls Blagojevich fundraiser Rajinder Bedi "a thief" in front of the jury over his conviction on retail theft charges.

    10:28 a.m.: Blagojevich lawyers asked for a mistrial, arguing they are not being allowed to ask meaningful questions during cross examinations. "it completely obliterates our ability to ask anything meaningful," said defense lawyer Lauren Kaesberg, who said that the repeated rulings against them made them "look like buffoons" in front of the jury.

    Judge James Zagel denied the motion.[Read more ...]

    What to Expect Today:

    Jurors in the Rod Blagojevich corruption retrial arrive back in the courtroom Wednesday with some of the former governor’s more colorful comments still ringing in their ears.

    “The whole world’s passing me by, and I’m stuck in this (expletive) job as governor now,” Blagojevich screams to advisors on one particularly spicy recording played late Tuesday.  “Everybody’s passing me by, and I’m stuck!”

    That phone call was secretly recorded Nov. 10, 2008, less than a week after Barack Obama’s historic election as president. [Read more about the tapes right here ... ]

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