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Blago Lawyers Want to Talk to Jurors



    Blago Lawyers Want to Talk to Jurors
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    Attorneys for Rod Blagojevich on Thursday asked Judge James Zagel for permission to talk to the jurors who convicted him on multiple charges in his recent criminal trial.

    “Counsel may desire to speak with members of the jury,” the attorneys wrote. “It may be worth noting that after the first trial, the Court permitted defense counsel to speak with jurors from the first trial, and facilitated the contact.”

    The former governor is due in court on Friday, to answer government questions about why he has not posted his house and a condo property in Washington D.C. to satisfy conditions of his bond.

    Prosecutors said they had provided Blagojevich’s lawyer with a list of documents needed to post the two properties, including title reports and appraisals, but none had been provided for the second home in the nation’s capital. 

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    They demanded that he appear in court on Friday, to personally enter forfeiture agreements related to the two properties.

    Blagojevich was convicted June 27, on seventeen counts charging wire fraud, extortion and solicitation of bribes.