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Blago Juror Dismissed



    Blago Juror Dismissed

    A juror from the Rod Blagojevich corruption trial has been dismissed for causes unknown. 

    Judge James Zagel didn't give a reason when he released Juror No. 125, a white female.

    In fact, the judge made no official announcement about excusing the juror.  The last time she was actually here was last Wednesday.  With all of the hoopla over Blagojevich's testimony, no one noticed she was missing.

    The dismissed juror was described during jury selection as a woman who worked as a computer technician for a junior college. She apparently had many hobbies.

    Juror  No. 179, a white female, will take her place in the 12 jurors deciding Blagojevich's fate. Juror No. 179 is described as a married librarian who does social media for the library.

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