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Bill Daley Flailing in Rahmbo's Old Role



    Looks like Bill Daley couldn't fill Rahm Emanuel's White House shoes after all.

    Less than a month after suggesting plans to step down following President Barack Obama's re-election, White House Chief of staff Bill Daley, brother of former Chicago mayor Richard Daley and successor to Chicago Mayor Emanuel, is handing off some of his day-to-day duties.

    Daley is giving over those duties to Obama aide Pete Rouse, according to Politico. Rouse served as interim chief of staff after Emanuel stepped down.

    A senior administration official stressed to Politico that this isn't a demotion, adding that Daley, recently criticized for his inexperience and soft-ball tactics compared to Emanuel's brashness, had asked Rouse for help "many weeks ago."

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    That's not a surprise in Chicago.

    Last month, Daley told NBCChicago he would step down after Obama's term.

    “I made a commitment to the president through his re-election," Daley said, "which I’m confident he will do, and then my wife and I will be back in Chicago."

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    Did it get too hot in the kitchen?

    Considering the flak he's gotten from West Wing colleagues for a recent candid interview criticizing Emanuel and the mess in September surrounding President Obama's planned speech to the joint sessions of congress, we can only imagine Chicago's mayor is smiling right now.