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Brady: "Tyranny of the Chicago Machine" Gets to Voters



    The GOP candidate for governor talks to the press before heading to vote. (Published Tuesday, Nov. 2, 2010)

    An optimistic Sen. Bill Brady made his traditional election day stop at a Bloomington beer and burger joint, appropriately called "Winner's" today, sharing a double cheeseburger with his wife and exuding confidence about what the night's results will bring.

    "Looks like we're having a really good turnout downstate, but it's early," Brady said. "I hope we're going to get what we wished for victory tonight, and then we can put this state on the right path."

    Asked what he has heard from voters around the state, he quickly said, "It is the tyranny of the Chicago machine that really gets to them."

    "Let's face it," Brady said. "For the last eight years, politicians in Chicago have been running the state"

    Brady voted at mid-afternoon at a Bloomington Church, where he was actually given two ballots, a mistake he didn't notice until he was in the booth. He dutifully surrendered the extra form, unmarked.

    "I've known Billy for 30 years," his wife Nancy observed, attesting today to her husband's honesty. "He's never cheated at golf!"