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Joe and Behold: Biden to Stump for Giannoulias



    Alexi Giannoulias announced today that Vice President Joe Biden will headline a fundraiser on June 21st -- the strongest show of support yet for the Democratic Senate candidate, who's been hounded by suggestions that the White House didn't even want him in the race.

    The fundraiser was announced via twitter .

    "Very excited to announce that Vice President Biden will be coming to Chicago for a special campaign event," the tweet read.

    The announcement was made on @Giannoulias which, up until today, was used primarily for tweets about state business (e.g., "proud that the treasurers' office took another step towards equality") and personal messages ("world champs!").

    The tweet was then retweeted by @Alexi4Illinois which, at 2,020 followers, has almost twice the reach as @Giannoulias.

    Biden is the latest in a recent succession of White House staff memebers to stump for Giannoulias. Education Secretary Arne Duncan will be in Chicago on Thursday, Deputy White House Chief of Staff Jim Messina will arrive on Saturday, and former Obama campaign manager David Plouffe will be here June 30th.

    Former White House Social Secretary Desiree Rogers is holding an event for Giannoulias today as well.

    The help comes as the 2nd quarter winds down and with it an important fundraising benchmark. Expect campaign funding amounts to be released early in July.