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Axelrod to Shave the Stache



    Update: David Axelrod tweeted:@davidaxelrod: Contrary to reports, we're still short of our goal. A million for a cure by tomorrow, and I shave off my mustache Dec. 7 on Morning Joe.

    During the campaign, Axelrod wagered his facial hair with Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough, saying he'd shave the thing off if Team Obama lost either Minnesota, Pennsylvania or Michigan in their contest against Mitt Romney. Obama won all those states handily so the Axe-man's stache was safe.

    The flip side of the bet: Scarborough would have to grow a stache if Obama won either North Carolina or Florida. Obama did take Florida, but Axe let Scarborough out of the agreement if he would take on the challenge of raising $1 million for epilepsy research. 

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    The show made its goal and Axe will go bald-lip on a December 7 edition of Morning Joe. 

    Axelrod's daughter, Lauren, suffers from epilepsy. The funds go to Citizens United for Research in Epilepsy. 


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