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Anti-Jackson SuperPac Couldn't Ignore Negatives



    A Texas-based Super Pac involved in Chicago’s 2nd district Congressional race defended its purpose Wednesday saying the only goal is to encourage more people to vote.  

    The Campaign for Primary Accountability spokesman Curtis Ellis say the Jesse Jackson Jr. and Debbie Halvorson race is  the only Democratic race the Super Pac is involved in Illinois. Ellis says it's all positive.

    “We’re not doing any negative ads, we’re encouraging people to vote.   We think it’s shameful that Jesse Jackson Jr is against people voting.” Ellis adds   “his father put his life is on the life so more people could vote. “

    When asked how the SuperPac happened to choose this particular race, Ellis says “We have a real race here, a real challenger.   There aren’t that many contests that are as competitive as this, usually challengers are starved at resources.”  

    Ellis notes that Jackson Jr. has been there a long time.

    "We’ve done our own polling – there’s a popular sentiment, he has high negatives. That’s one of the criteria for getting in the race,” he said.

    Ellis won’t say just how the SuperPac plans to spend in Illinois.  

    One of the largest donors to the SuperPac is Joe Ricketts, the father of the Cubs owners.  He has contributed $500,000 dollars so far.