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Angela Anne Michael

Democratic Party Candidate for the 15th Congressional District



    The Candidate: Angela Anne Michael

    The Race: Democratic Party Candidate for the 15th Congressional District.

    The Competition: John M. Shimkus

    The Buzz: Michael is a retired obstetrics nurse who is strongly against abortion. She is a host on a Christian radio station in St. Louis and runs Small Victories Ministries, a group that frequently protests outside abortion clinics.

    Michael openly admits she is running a race she knows she will not win. Instead, she said she is using the campaign to spread her message of anti-abortion. She aired graphic anti-abortion campaign commercials in St. Louis during the Super Bowl.

    Although listed as a Democrat, Michael has loyally voted Republican for years. Her campaign does not address any issues aside from being against abortion.

    She and her husband have 13 children.