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Aldermanic Runoff: 43rd Ward



    Aldermanic Runoff: 43rd Ward

    NBC Chicago and Ward Room bring you profiles on the 18 wards heading into a runoff election April 7. In this profile, learn all about the 43rd Ward.

    43rd Ward – Michele Smith (incumbent) vs. Caroline Vickrey
    Issues at Stake in Runoff:
    David Varnerin, secretary of the Lincoln Central association, says, “Speaking for myself, I think that one issue of concern is the financial condition of the city (and state) going forward. Politicians are not facing the real issues head on and seem to think that there might be an easy way out. Also, future development in Lincoln Park is of concern, although there is nothing on the horizon like Children’s Hospital redevelopment. As far as turnout, it is difficult to say. I am hoping for higher turnout. Voter apathy is unfortunate. I am an election judge and the precinct I work in (43rd Ward, 14th precinct) usually has high turnout, even in off-year elections. In the 2012 election, there was over 80 percent turnout. However, in February’s election, the turnout was 37 percent including the early votes. I think the media should encourage voter turnout. With early voting, absentee voting and election day voting, there is really no excuse not to vote.”
    Michele Smith(campaign website)
    • Education: University of Chicago (J.D.), SUNY Buffalo (B.A., political science)
    • Occupation: 43rd Ward Alderman
    • Endorsements: Chicago Tribune, Planned Parenthood Illinois Action
    • Key Issues: Public safety, education, jobs and economic development, zoning and development, management of city finances, pension reform, parks and open space, infrastructure, high-rises, rodent abatement

    Caroline Vickrey(campaign website)

    • Education: Loyola University of Chicago School of Law (J.D.), University of Illinois (B.A., history)
    • Occupation: Attorney
    • Endorsements: Chicago Sun-Times, Illinois Herald
    • Key Issues: Professional responsiveness rate to constituents, zoning, education, local businesses, reducing crime, parks and open space
    General information:
    Voter Turnout on Feb. 24: 35 percent
    How did they vote in the mayor’s race?
    • Rahm Emanuel: 71 percent
    • Jesus “Chuy” Garcia: 18 percent
    • Total population: 56,170
    • White: 84.82 percent
    • Black: 3.41 percent
    • Hispanic: 4.81 percent
    • Asian: 6.15 percent (Source: WBEZ)
    Neighborhoods: Lincoln Park and Old Town
    Adjectives that Describe the Ward: Safe, wealthy, young, busy and upscale
    How Ward Typically Votes: Michele Smith was first elected alderman of the 43rd Ward in 2011. Prior to her election, Vi Daley (not related to the Mayor Daley family) held the position from 1999 to 2011. In 2007, Daley won 54 percent of the vote, defeating Smith in a runoff. In 2011, Smith won 51 percent of the vote, defeating Tim Egan in a runoff.