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Adam Kinzinger Wins 11th Congressional District



    Adam Kinzinger Wins 11th Congressional District
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    While his age may be an issue for some voters, Kinzinger's resume is quite impressive for a young adult.
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    GOP wunderkind Adam Kinzinger managed to knock off incumbent Deborah Halvorson to become the next U.S. Representative from the 11th Congressional District.

    He defeated incumbent Halvorson 57 percent to 43 percent. Halvorson pledged to help Kinzinger make a smooth transition.

    The moderate Republican models himself after Mark Kirk or Aaron Schock, and favors a fiscally conservative strategy in government but less-than-stiff approach to moral issues.

    At 32 years old, he will be the youngest person to hold that particular office since Chester Anton Chesney in 1949.  Chesney was 33 when he took over the 11th district seat.

    But it's not his first try at politics. Kinzinger was elected to the McLean County Board at the age of 20.  He soon retired to join the United states Air Force as a pilot.