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ATU Local 308 Announces Endorsements



    The Amalgamated Transit Union Local 308 (ATU Local 308) announced their endorsements Sunday for the 2012 Elections.

    Some of the races received endorsements and some did not. ATU Local 308 says it will remain neutral in those races they did not endorse and wish those candidates the best of luck.

    The races to receive endorsements are as follows:

    United States House of Representatives
    1st District- Bobby Rush
    2nd District- Jesse Jackson Jr.
    8th District- Tammy Duckworth
    9th District- Jan Schakowsky
    10th District- Brad Scheider
    11th District- Bill Foster
    14th District- Dennis Anderson

    Illinois Senate

    5th District- Annazette Collins
    15th District- Donna Miller
    22nd District- Mike Noland
    46th District- Dave Koehler

    Illinois House of Representatives
    2nd District- Edward Acevedo
    21st District- Rudy Lozano
    34th District- Elgie Sims
    35th District- Anthony Martin
    84th District- Alex Arroyo