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A Q&A with Libertarian Candidate Chad Grimm



    Chad Grimm, a Libertarian on the November ballot for governor along with Democratic incumbent Pat Quinn and GOP businessman Bruce Rauner, sat down with The Associated Press for an interview. Here are details of his background and a sampling of where he stands on issues:

    Age: 33
    Hometown: Peoria
    Work experience: Gym manager, former actor, broadcast intern, unsuccessful bids for state representative and Peoria City Council
    Why he's running: "Problems can be corrected with less government as opposed to more government. Let's discuss what laws can be stricken from the books that can put the people in control of the state and not the other way around."
    Minimum Wage: Seeks to eliminate it altogether. "It's unpopular to say, but anything it takes to run a business, the price of that service depends on what it costs the business owner to bring that to the market."
    Gay marriage: Favors gay marriage, but says government should neither intervene nor officially sanction unions between straight or gay couples.
    Gun Rights: Believes there should be no restrictions on gun rights other than being 18-years-old to purchase a firearm.
    Pensions: Favors the elimination of state employee pensions over time, but would be open to moving employees to a 401(k) style plan.
    Term Limits: Opposes term limits but says Illinoisans should be able to vote on the issue.
    Income tax: "I would like to see it not exist," Grimm says. Opposes extending a temporary income tax hike approved as "temporary" in 2011.