Bruce Rauner

Multimillionaire Bruce Rauner took over as governor of Illinois in 2015. The Ivy league educated ultra rich businessman, who owns multiple homes and belongs to a $100K wine club, now wears Carhardt jackets and speaks in folksy tones. Jack Higgins

He's had the money. Now he's got the power.

Bruce Rauner, a multi-millionaire venture capitalist from Winnetka and a Republican, took over the Illinois governor's mansion in 2015 and immediately asked the residents of the state to prepare for some pain.

He let a tax increase lapse and then he proposed to slash social services to the tune of $2.2 billion during his first speech as governor.

He's also takin' on union leadership and special interests in Illinois, which may put him on a collision course with another Illinois power broker in Speaker of the House Michael Madigan.