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Quinn de Siecle?



    And the bad news for Dems continues.

    A new Rasmussen survey released Thursday gives GOP candidate Bill Brady a seven point lead in the governor's race.

    The race in President Obama’s home state has tightened slightly since last month, when Brady was 10 points ahead. Quinn, who became governor following the impeachment last year of fellow Democrat Rod Blagojevich, continues to fall far short of the 50% support viewed as critical for incumbents at this stage of a campaign. Perhaps most telling at this point is the poor showing he’s making in a state that trends Democratic.

    The internals:

    Forty-three percent (43%) of Illinois voters approve of Quinn’s performance as governor, while 56% disapprove, unchanged from last month. This includes nine percent (9%) who Strongly Approve of the job he is doing and 33% who Strongly Disapprove.

    Quinn is viewed very favorably by 13% of Illinois voters, while 28% view him very unfavorably. Just five percent (5%) have no opinion of the governor.

    Nineteen percent (19%) have a very favorable view of Brady, and nearly as many (15%) regard him very unfavorably. But nearly one-out-of-five voters (18%) don’t know enough about him to have any kind of opinion.

    The Rasmussen survey comes on the heels of two PPP polls showing Kirk beating Giannoulias and Brady outpacing Quinn.