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Quinn vs. Rauner: Analyzing the Candidates' Twitter Followers

The incumbent Democrat attracts more women. His Republican rival is a magnet for men.



    Quinn vs. Rauner: Analyzing the Candidates' Twitter Followers
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    The Illinois governor race is growing more intense by the millisecond as Democratic incumbent Pat Quinn fends off formidable foe Bruce Rauner on the Republican side. Rauner, a multi-millionaire venture capitalist from Winnetka, has gained considerable momentum since winning the GOP state primary in March and this summer has seen pollsters tip the election his direction. While Rauner campaigns on a vow to "Shake Up Springfield," Team Quinn is playing the wealth card, knocking the candidate for diverting part of his fortune to the Cayman Islands and using a corporate loophole to save millions in tax money.

    Rauner, who rode his Harley to the Illnois State Fair last week, has made an effort to present himself as as a regular guy (who also happens to own nine homes). Quinn has tried to persuade government-fatigued Illinoisians to give him another chance.

    Both men are using Twitter to get out the vote. Curious about their followers' demographics, Ward Room asked StatSocial -- a company that analyzes social data -- to give us the lowdown on who's reading tweets from @GovernorQuinn and @BruceRauner. (View the infographics below.)

    See the Infographic for Bruce Rauner:

    See the Infographic for Governor Pat Quinn:



    Here's how the political enemies stack up on the micro-blogging platform:

    Gender: Quinn attracts more female than male followers, 55 to 45 percent. By contrast, Rauner has more male than female followers, 63 to 37 percent.

    Businesses: Oddly, more commercial accounts follow Quinn than Rauner. Quinn's follower count includes 7 percent businesses to Rauner's 5 percent.

    Age: Quinn has the most youthful followers, besting Rauner in the 18-24 and 25-34 age brackets. Rauner bests Quinn in the 35-44, 45-54 and 54-plus brackets.

    Income: Rauner's followers are wealthier than Quinn's, with 24.06 percent boasting incomes in the ballpark of $100K. Thirteen percent of Quinn followers fall within the same range. Quinn has more followers in the lowest income segment (42 percent) than does Rauner (34.47 percent).

    Favorite Nonprofits: Rauner followers like the NRA, TED Talks and Red Cross. Quinn's like the Gates Foundation, ACLU National and United Way.

    Favorite News Sites: Rauner's followers read Drudge, the HuffPo and the conservative-skewing The Daily Caller. Quinn's check HuffPo, The Daily Beast and the liberal blog ThinkProgress.

    Favorite TV Shows: Both candidates' followers love Comedy Central's The Colbert Report and The Daily Show. Quinn's also like NBC's Today show. Rauner's like NBC's Late Night With Seth Meyers (formerly hosted by Jimmy Fallon).

    Favorite Magazines: Quinn's followers like TIME, The New Yorker and The Economist. Rauner's like The Economist too as well as Forbes and National Review.