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Top 10 Political Quips of 2013: Part 1

10 of the most remarkable, overlooked or important quotes from state and city politics in 2013



    Around these parts, 2013 was a bit of an interesting year politically. After all, how boring could things be in a year that saw medical marijuana use, concealed carry, gay marriage and pension reform all pass into law?

    And that was just in Springfield.

    For its part, Chicago was no slouch in coming up with interesting and important political stories this year, either. Anyone remember such topics as CPS school closings, CTA’s Ventra debacle, the city’s struggle with violent crime or, heck, even Divvy Bikes!

    No year as filled with such compelling stories is complete without it’s list of memorable quotes. As compiled by Ward Room staff, here are the first round of 10 of the most remarkable, overlooked or important quotes from state and city politics in 2013. 

    “The governor heads the board that approved this wasteful expenditure, so if the governor is not in charge, then who is running this state?”

    Bill Daley, one-time Democratic candidate for governor, ripping into current Governor Pat Quinn about a controversial $670,000 copper-plated doors rehab project for the State Capitol. Daley said the quote on Sept. 5th. On Sept. 16th, he dropped out of the race.

    “You’re not supposed to touch ’em, talk dirty, all kinds of stuff like that, you know, general things that most people should understand. … Things like talkin’ about sex, and even dirty jokes are out of line, and now even kissin’ can be out of line — what may not be offensive to one can be offensive to someone else.”

    Cicero Town President Larry Dominick, Sept, 9th, on what he learned shouldn’t be doing as part of sexual harassment training. The town of Cicero twice had to pay out for sexual abuse allegations against Dominick in recent years.

    “I ain't begging for nothing. I don't beg my woman, I am not begging for this."

    Former Cook County Commissioner William Beavers, Sept. 25th, as he was sentenced to six months in prison and a $10,000 fine for tax evasion.

    “Joe’s employment has been terminated through no voluntary act of his own and he is without sufficient income or assets with which to continue to pay his support obligation.”

    Former Tea Party darling and Republican Illinois Congressman Joe Walsh, in a March court filing asking for his child support payments to be reduced after losing his re-election bid.

    “Republicans against pension reform? Did I wake up in an alternate universe?”

    State Rep. Ed Sullivan, a Mundelein Republican, Dec. 3rd on Twitter, reacting to news Senator Mark Kirk and other Republicans had come out against a prosed pension reform deal for Illinois.

    Look for Part 2 tomorrow.