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Quinn's Nip Tuck Budget Plan



    Quinn's Nip Tuck Budget Plan

    Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn is proposing a budget that would cut aid to the poor, skimp on many services and count on borrowing billions of dollars to pay overdue bills.

    But spending would increase in some places as money from last month's income tax increase is put to use filling holes in the budget.

    Pat Quinn wants to increase public school spending slightly in the coming year. But he would save state money by consolidating schools and cutting spending on regional offices of education.

    Quinn wants to cut $14 million the state spends on 45 regional education offices. He says the State Board of Education can take up their tasks.

    And he would reduce state spending on bus transportation for students by $95 million. He says local school districts should shoulder that cost.

    His plan was under attack even before he presented it in a speech to the General Assembly.

    Republicans object to the idea of borrowing money to erase the backlog of old bills. Social service groups oppose cutting services further.