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10 Things President Rahm Would Bring to White House



    Every few months or so, someone, somewhere unofficially nominates Chicago's Mayor Rahm Emanuel for a presidential run in 2016. 

    This week's version comes from the Washington Times, a beltway publication, which claims that one strategist talked to another at the Conservative Political Action Conference and said that Rahm Emanuel is being groomed. 

    Look at the CNN Documentary series Chicagoland, people say, it's a rebranding for Emanuel. 

    To be sure, Emanuel denies he's interested in higher office everytime he's asked.  We've written in the past about why Emanuel will never assume the presidency, but what the heck. In the paraphrased words of Emanuel himself: Never let a silly media fad go to waste. 

    Emanuel Walks Away, Ignores Reporter's Questions

    [CHI] Emanuel Walks Away, Ignores Reporter's Questions
    So much for the new-and-improved, "I'm not a bully," Rahm Emanuel.
    (Published Friday, April 15, 2011)

    Why not imagine what Emanuel would bring to the White House. 

    1. The Obama's had rapper Common perform at the White House. Emanuel, a trained ballet dancer, would likely have more high-brow fare. 

    2. Between Two Ferns with Rahm Emanuel would likely include more F-bombs. Ditto that for the White House Correspondants dinner. 

    The Real Emanuel to Fake Emanuel: Come Forward

    [CHI] The Real Emanuel to Fake Emanuel: Come Forward
    Rahm Emanuel has an impostor on Twitter and offers $5,000 to a charity of that person's choice if they reveal their identity after the election.
    (Published Tuesday, Feb. 15, 2011)

    3. First president with nine fingers. 

    4. Nationalized parking meters -- with revenue earmarked for Germany. 

    5. Daily Jewish mother jokes in the White House Press Room

    6. Quietest First Lady ever. 

    7. Republican Congressmen would start to receive offers they can't refuse

    8. Zeke Emanuel as Surgeon General; Ari as White House Spokesman. Daily fights between the three. 

    9. No Child Left Unchartered.  Charter Schools take over as the Federal Education strategy. 

    10. Limited press access -- just like Chicago.