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Canadian Woman Accidentally Wins Marathon



    We’ve all gotten in the zone before, hitting our stride and feeling time just melt away. But for one Canadian woman, her runner’s high carried her to an unintentional victory.

    Meredith Fitzmaurice, 34, was participating in the Run for Heroes half marathon in Amherstburg, Ontario, on Sunday, September 22, when she took a wrong turn and not only ended up finishing the full 26.2 miles, but winning the women’s division and qualifying for the Boston Marathon as well.

    Having never run more than 20 miles before, Fitzmaurice was using the half to train for her first full marathon in Detroit. Upon realizing she had taken a wrong turn, she found out her time would qualify if she chose to keep going, and her adrenaline kicked in. Aiming for a sub-1:28 half marathon time, she ended up finishing at 3:11:48, women's champion and 10th overall.

    You can read the full story in the Montreal Gazette, and let me know—have you ever accidentally run for much longer than you intended? If only it came with a first place medal.