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"Thor" Drops the Hammer on Charlize Theron's BF



    You know that handsome fella you see standing next to Charlize Theron in those red carpet pics? He just got bounced from his role in Kenneth Branagh's "Thor," which starts shooting today.

    Stuart Townsend had been cast in the role of Fandral, friend of the Norse god of thunder, but he has departed the production due to "creative differences," a source told the AP.

    Townsend has been down this road before, having gotten bumped from "The Lord of the Rings" in favor of some guy named Viggo Mortenson.

    "Creative differences" is obviously Hollywood's favorite euphemism, so what kind of shenanigans does this guy keep perpetrating to repeatedly sabotage his own career? Well, at least he gets to go home to Theron -- until that part gets recast due to "creative differences," too.

    The role of Fandral has been down this road before, as well. Last year "Chuck" star Zach Levi told the world the part was his, but he had to bail because of scheduling conflicts with his TV show.

    Fandral will now be played by relative newcomer Joshua Dallas, who has a role in the upcoming George Lucas prodcution "Red tails" about the Tuskegee Airmen.