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This is the Last "Shrek" Movie, They Promise



    There's a lot of discussion as to whether "Shrek Forever After" is the last in the ogre franchise series. And it would appear that four is a good number for DreamWorks…for now.

    In case there was any waffling, director Mike Mitchell promised PopcornBiz this is it.

    "It's 100 percent the last," he says. "It's kind of sad but this is the last."

    So if he or DreamWorks backs out on this, I'm going the replay the interview tape for him.

    But the stars of the film seemed intent on rallying around another film in the future. During the film's press day in Beverly Hills Cameron Diaz, who plays the ogre Fiona, trilled "I'm in" when asked if she'd do a reunion movie.

    "It's like if somebody asked me, 'Are you going to do "Charlie's Angels" 10 years from now?' I'd go, 'What? It's a little bit different fitting in those tight pants from 10 years ago,' " said Diaz.

    "But 'Shrek,' of course, it's just that we get to go back to whatever (the ogres) will be 10 years from now, and hopefully we won't have to wait that long, Jeffrey Katzenberg," said Diaz, eyeing the DreamWorks chief in the back of the room.

    So we'll see how long DreamWorks holds out on this "last" business especially in light of the big box office.

    But the franchise is definitely moving in another direction focusing solely on a "Puss In Boots" spinoff directed by Chris Miller due out in 2011. This will feature Antonio Banderas, Salma Hayek and Zach Galifiankis.

    "It's kind of like how 'The Jeffersons' spun out from 'All in the Family,' " Mitchell laughs.

    As Banderas said wisely, "The cat's going to continue now on its own, and I hope it goes well."

    Based on Puss in Butts scene-stealing moments in "Shrek," and with the addition of the hilarious Hayek and Galifiankis, we're sure it will.