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The Rockford Files Returns, With Beau Bridges as Jim's Pop



    In all the hubbub surrounding Jeff Bridges’ long overdue Oscar triumph for “Crazy Heart,” I found I was asking myself, “Say, what’s going on with Jeff’s brother, Beau? The more clean-cut, less stoned, kinda chubbier one?” Well, I need wonder no more, for Beau will be returning to TV in NBC’s reboot of “The Rockford Files”. Hollywood Reporter has the scoop:

    Beau Bridges is set to co-star opposite Dermot Mulroney on NBC's "Rockford Files" reboot.

    "Rockford," written and executive produced by "House" creator David Shore and executive produced by Steve Carell, stars Mulroney as roguish private detective Jim Rockford.

    Bridges will play his father and closest friend, Rocky, a truck driver for thirty years who always helps his son in a tough situation, though he tends to offer a commentary that Jim doesn't always appreciate. Noah Beery, Jr. played the role on the original series.

    NBC has tried remaking a handful of old shows over the years and had poor results, most notably with “Bionic Woman” and “Knight Rider.” But this “Rockford” has the advantage of David Shore, who has made “House” a compulsively watchable show, even though it has virtually the same plot every week. Bridges only adds to the potential. My only concern is with Mulroney in the title role, a steep dropoff from James Garner. Mulroney will always be Dirty Steve in “Young Guns” to me. NAVAJO!!!!

    Since then, he’s been in numerous projects and shined in exactly none of them. So it remains to be seen if he can fill such an iconic role. The new “Rockford Files” has no set air date as of yet.