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Maggie Q to Be the Next TV Nikita



    Having given John McClane a run for his money in one of cinema's better cross-gender slugfests, Maggie Q seems the perfect choice to star in the CW's upcoming reboot of the "Nikita" franchise.

    The iconic she-spy role originated with Anne Parillaud in Luc Besson's 1990 film. The mantle was then picked up by Bridget Fonda in the 1993 redo "Point of No Return" and finally Peta Wilson took over the role for five seasons on the USA Network series "La Femme Nikita," beginning in 1997.

    Maggie Q's ascension to the role is made possible in the new show by the previous Nikita having gone rogue and the agency that once handled her needing a new recruit to replace her, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

    The previous series, also produced by Warner Bros., was by no means appointment television, but was good low-brow fun, perfect for Saturday afternoon hangovers and too-late nights, and Maggie Q's got more than enough sauce and chops fill Peta Wilson's shoes.