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Jenna Dewan and Husband Channing Tatum Bonding Over Movie-Making



    Jenna Dewan married her "Step Up" co-star Channing Tatum and we can clearly expect the loved-up couple to keep churning out the professional product while working on the personal partnership.

    The two are joining forces on a number of projects together including the movie "Ten Year" about a group of friends heading back to their high school reunion. The couple will star in and produce the project.

    Dewan has no concerns about being able to juggle both worlds.

    "The first movie we did together was 'Step Up' and that was amazing," Dewan tells PopcornBiz from the Arcade Boutique "Autumn Party" Benefiting the Children's Institute.

    "This will be our first movie since then that we'll be acting together. But I think we'll be quite loving about it," she adds. "There's been no problems yet. Ask me afterwards."

    "Ten Year" will be a family/friend affair with an ensemble cast featuring what Dewan calls  "a bunch of our friends." It will be written and directed by Jamie Linden (who wrote the screenplay for Tatum's "Dear John.")

    The movie will feature their married pals Anna Faris and Chris Pratt, Scott Porter ("Friday Night Lights") and "Star Trek" stud Chris Pine.

    Dewan calls it an updated version of "The Big Chill" with the friends dealing with each other all over again. While she won't say exactly what role she and her husband will play, she does admit there will be sparks between the two onscreen.

    "Let's just say we like each other," says Dewan.

    Dewan and Channing are also have executive producing credits in the post-Rwandan genocide documentary "Earth Made of Glass," working to help publicize the film.

    "My husband and I were brought into the film to help get it out there," says Dewan. "We just felt it was the right thing to do."

    With "Ten Year" scheduled to start filming in November, look for many more projects in the years to come. But Dewan does draw the line -- you won't see a couple reality show.

    "I never say never, but I do say, we'll never do a reality show," she grimaces.