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Jason Segel's Movie Task: Reunite the Muppets



    ABBA didn't reunite at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction dinner last night, but at least the Muppets have a fighting chance.

    In the new Muppets movie, Jason Segel is on a mission to get Jim Henson's old gang together, according to The Hollywood Reporter's Heat Vision blog. James Bobin ("The Flight of the Conchords") will direct the feature.

    Segel also wrote the script with pal Nicholas Stoller. Disney will provide a challenge for the actor/writer who relies heavily on the crutch of showing himself naked to garner the cheap laughs (a few times too many in "Forgetting Sarah Marshall"). But the premise of reuniting the group a la "Blues Brothers" is an almost can't-miss scenario with the laughs practically built in.

    Further there was a Muppet tip-of-the-hat in Segel's "Marshall" performance -- his characters' dream of staging a Dracula rock opera with puppets. Clearly he was the chosen one to reunite the cast, no matter what their puppet grievances were with each other.