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He's Not Here: Toronto's Joaquin Phoenix Imposter



    Toronto filmgoers, be on the look out for the Joaquin Phoenix imposter. He's got the cheesy beard, the aspiring rap star shades and is said to be armed (with scantily-clad female groupies).

    The Hollywood Reporter is claiming that director Casey Affleck's PR team has raised the alarm on this phony Phoenix at the Toronto Film Festival.

    As much as he we hate feeding into the apparent hoax, outright hype or genuine bad luck involved with Phoenix's new documentary "I'm Still Here" -- sometimes it's just too good to pass up.

    THR claims the apparent fraudster is said to arrive by limousine at festival venues and is accompanied by (in the words of the pr team) "a massive entourage of security and scantily clad female groupies."

    The trade magazine insists, with a straight-face, that Affleck's team has said he is concerned enough about his fans being "tricked and disillusioned by the fraud" that he's going to address the media Friday night outside the documentary premiere in Toronto.

    Of course we can picture what happens next. Affleck will take the apparent fraudster and attempt to rip off the fake beard only to find out the beard is… real and the fraudster is actually... the star of the documentary pretending to be a fraudster. Casey, we're all well-versed on our Scooby-Doo. We know the drill.

    Actually the possibilities are endless, but they all end up at the same result: publicity for the documentary which many have speculated is a fake unto itself. It deals with Phoenix's apparent attempt to step away from his film career to become a rapper.