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"Glee's" Jayma Mays Is Ready to Get Her OCD Character Dirtier



    Is Glee’s guidance counselor Emma Pilsbury finally getting over her OCD tendencies with some TLC from her dentist beau? Jayma Mays thinks so.

    “I definitely think [the producers] are pushing Emma towards a wonderful arc,” says Mays, who promises big developments in her character’s romance with Carl (played by John Stamos).

    “They're pushing her towards getting a little bit more ‘well,’ if you want to call it that or say it that way,” she tells PopcornBiz. “Even though I hate saying that she was sick – she wasn't sick before. But I think she's becoming a bit freer, a little bit more fancy-free – I think that's the word! And I think they're kind of pushing her in that direction a little more, which is nice. It's giving her somewhere to go.”

    Mays says that as Emma and Carl’s relationship blossoms, it may also run the risk of entering a danger zone. “But I think it's a danger zone in a good way. I think he's pushing it on her in a fun way, in a healthy way. He's helping her break free a little bit, which is exactly what she needs. And you know, it's possible that she needs this relationship for her relationship with Will to work one day – that's what I think.”

    While Emma gets less uptight about her neat-freak, uber-structured routines, Mays is also relaxing over the one nerve-wracking part of her gig: singing and dancing. After knocking it out of the park on “Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch-a Touch Me” in the “Rocky Horror” tribute episode, she’s ready for another number.

    “I would like to do some more – you know, it's not something that I do every day, so I get anxiety when I think about having to do it,” she admits. “But I'm finding it more and more fun and I love the challenge of it. So I would – any time they want to throw a number my way I'd be happy to do it.”