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"28 Days" Writer Taking a Crack at "Logan's Run"



    Alex Garland, the novelist and screenwriter best known for his collaborations with director Danny Boyle, is working on a remake of the 1976 Farrah Fawcett classic, "Logan's Run."

    Garland first made a name for himself with his screenplay for "The Beach," which was adapted from his own novel, directed by Boyle and starring Leonard DiCaprio. His next, and best, script was for "28 Days Later," Boyle's fantastic post-apocalyptic zombie film starring Cillian Murphy.

    Now Garland will tackle adapting William F. Nolan and George Clayton Johnson's 1967 novel, Logan's Run," according to Heat Vision. It's the story of a dystopian future where everyone must submit to execution upon turning 30, in an effort to control global population. Those who refuse are hunted down by "Sandmen." But one Sandman, Logan 5 (Michael York), decides to make a run for it.

    Watch the trailer for the original and you'll understand why some are preferring to call this project an adaptation of the novel rather than a remake of the film. The 1977-78 TV series starring Gregory Harrison was no great shakes either

    On board to direct is Carl Erik Rinsch, who made a name for himself earlier this year with his incredible Phillips Electronics commercial "The Gift," with a gorgeous look and a sense of narrative so strong it's being adapted into a feature-length film.

    Garland's also adapted Kazuo Ishiguro’s novel “Never Let Me Go,” another story about a world in which premature death is mandated, which stars Carey Mulligan, Keira Knightley and Andrew Garfield, and was directed by Mark Romanek. The first trailer was released yesterday, and it is stunning.