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Rivalry Heats Up as Bulls Prepare to Take on Miami



    Joakim Noah called the Miami Heat "Hollywood as hell."

    Lebron James didn't mince words, admitting the Heat and the Chicago Bulls "don't like each other."

    The Bulls handed the Heat their first loss of the playoffs last year. The Heat ended the Bulls season in the playoffs at American Airlines Arena en route to back to back titles.

    Like two kids on the playground, the battle is simple-- the Heat have what the Bulls want.

    "It's what fuels all of us," Bulls forward Carlos Boozer said before Tuesday night's opener in Miami. "A championship...they have what we want."

    The rivalry is so intense and so physical, the Heat pulled out the football pads in practice to practice the pounding the Bulls deliver inside the lane.

    "That's crazy, that's kind of crazy," Derrick Rose said Tuesday afternoon. "I don't think we're going to foul them like that, if they go to the hole of course we're going to hit them, but I don't think it's going to be anything like football."

    Rose wasn't the only one laughing at the Heat borrowing from the Dolphins practice methods. Bulls forward Luol Deng also found it funny.

    "Everyone has different strategy," Deng explained "I don't think we're a dirty team or anything we just play hard."

    As for why the rivalry is so heated, Deng didn't miss a beat.

    "Because everyone sees that we can beat them," he said.