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Gibson Uncomfortable With Idea of Recruiting James

Miami's LeBron James can opt-out and become a free agent next summer. If Derrick Rose won't, can Taj Gibson convince James to come to Chicago?



    Many Chicago Bulls fans felt burned when LeBron James elected to play in Miami with Dwyane Wade as opposed to Chicago with Derrick Rose. James’s free agent decision in 2010 is one of the primary reasons he isn’t popular in Chicago and is pretty much the foundation for the current rivalry between the Bulls and Heat.

    But next summer, James – along with Wade, Chris Bosh and Carmelo Anthony – can all opt-out of their current deals and explore the free agent market.

    Derrick Rose took a lot of flack for not being more aggressive in trying to recruit LeBron to the Windy City in order to help the Bulls championship chances, but is Taj Gibson more willing to pick up the phone and make a recruiting pitch to ‘The King?’

    "I just don’t know if that’s my place," Gibson told the Chicago Sun-Times if he’d be open to the idea of trying to recruit LeBron James next summer. James tried to recruit Gibson to Miami in 2012 prior to him signing an extension with the Bulls a few months later.

    "I think a lot of it depends on the relationship with the player and if you’re cool with them," Gibson explained. “That’s a tough one. If you’re cool with a guy, friendly, it depends on how friendly you are with that player. The problem is, almost everyone on this team, we’re not real liked around this league.”

    And they’re certainly not liked in Miami, that’s for sure. Perhaps it’s time for those Bulls fans who still think there’s a chance that James can bring his talents to the Windy City to accept the very high probability that he never will.  

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