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TNT's Kerr Says D. Rose Owes It To Teammates to Play

Current TNT analyst and former Chicago Bull feels it's time for Derrick Rose to suit up and play



    Add former Chicago Bull Steve Kerr to the list of people who feel Derrick Rose owes it to someone to suit up and play. According to the Chicago Tribune, Kerr opined during TNT’s Monday night broadcast that Rose owes it to his teammates to play, essentially changing his stance that was previously in support of Rose taking his time to get healthy.

    "I know I’ve kind of changed my mind,” Kerr said. “I've really supported the Bulls and Derrick with the way they’ve handled it. I think you err on the side of caution. But I think where the Bulls are now with this series with Kirk Hinrich struggling with the calf injury -- if Derrick is OK and there’s no threat to further injury, I think he's got to play."

    While it seems to be split down the middle between those who support Rose for taking his time and those who feel as if he should’ve been playing by now, it’s comments like Kerr’s that essentially carry more weight. He’s a former player giving an opinion to a national TV audience that essentially justifies all of the negative attention that Rose has received of late.

    “Look at what (Joakim) Noah and (Kirk) Hinrich are putting themselves through with their injuries,” said Kerr. “I think it’s time for Derrick ... maybe he owes it to his teammates, I guess that’s what I’m saying."

    Rose’s teammates have said they support Derrick Rose taking his time to get healthy, but unfortunately, opinions like Kerr’s will continue to surface, especially if the Bulls can advance past the Brooklyn Nets to face the Miami Heat in the second round.

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