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Reality TV Star Bill Rancic Knows His Real Estate



    You might think he was on Top Design instead of The Apprentice because Bill Rancic has a way of turning his personal residential properties from gold to... super gold.  In his third transaction since 2009, Rancic has sold another property without taking a loss, according to Curbed. His swank Park Tower condo in Chicago, which he bought a year ago for $1.1 million, just sold for $1.425 million. It's not as lucrative as his Gold Coast row house, which he bought for $1.5 million and sold for $3.6 million (just two years later), but Trump's little helper ain't complaining. In the meantime, it seems Rancic's main home with super-skinny, TV-anchor wife Giuliana is a mcMansion in Hinsdale.