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Newlywed Sofia Coppola Buys in Greenwich Village



    Screenwriter and director Sofia Coppola and her new hubby Thomas Mars, frontman of the French band Phoenix, recently shelled out $9.85 million for a super narrow Greenwich Village townhouse, reports The Wall Street Journal. The couple, who were married last August, paid $1 million above the asking price for this much sought after abode. 

    Coppola's new Manhattan digs measures only 17 feet at the facade, but expands to 35 feet as it approaches the picturesque garden towards the back of the lot. The garden itself totals a grand 2,000 feet, and according to the public listing, it's one of the largest south gardens in Greenwich Village, which is perhaps the pivotal reason that this popular property only remained on the market for a very short 10 days before it went into contract. In fact, according to The Wall Street Journal, the real-estate broker who listed the house (it was also owned by her late parents) said selling the pad was "the fastest deal I have ever done."
    While the couple didn't waste any time snatching up the property, moving into the home may not be as speedy of a process. As it's configured now, the Village townhouse, which was built in 1854, is split into three separate apartments and it could take another $4 million to convert the historic residence into a single-family home. So for now, Coppola and Mars can merely revel in their new purchase (and their new life as newlyweds sans the inevitable blueprints, contractors, and construction machinery).