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Fan Hit by Puck Disappointed by Blackhawks

Jen Kasler was one of two women hit by pucks during last week's Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Final



    Blackhawks Fan Hit by Puck Disappointed by Team’s Response

    Jen Kasler was cheering on the Blackhawks at the United Center last month when a puck hit her in the head. She says she hasn’t gotten the same response or attention that another fan received when the same thing happened to her. Rob Elgas reports. (Published Monday, June 17, 2013)

    Jen Kasler on Monday night said her loyalty to the Chicago Blackhawks remains strong but said she feels slighted by the team and the United Center for the lack of attention she received after she took a puck to the head last month.

    Kasler was at last month's Game 5 matchup between the Hawks and the Detroit Red Wings when a slapshot sent the puck flying.

    "I was with a girlfriend, and she has reminding me after I was hit that she kept asking me, 'Are you OK? Are you OK?' and I thought I was fine until the blood started coming down," Kasler recalled.

    Her injury was one she said she mostly to herself, friends and family until last week when she saw another woman in the news with a puck-related injury. That woman, Patricia Higgins of Burr Ridge, was hit in the face, prompting a big response from the team that included a visit from hockey legend Stan Mikita.

    "I was actually at the game she got hit as well, and it was a shock to me to realize that someone else got hit," Kasler said.

    Kasler, like Higgins, doesn't have the puck that plucked her. She'd like that, and she said her friend could use a new rally towel.

    "It was her rally towel that was on my head that was covered in blood," she said.

    Kasler ended up with a concussion and five staples in her head. That wound is healing, and now she has one big request for the Blackhawks: 

    "Bring home the cup, and if they bring Lord Stanley to Chicago maybe I can see it one of these days," she said.