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Welcome to Madhouse Enforcer



    Welcome to Madhouse Enforcer, our all skating, all shooting Chicago Blackhawks blog.

    Got a problem with that?

    You may have heard that the ‘Hawks are defending their Stanley Cup victory from last year.

    Big honking deal.

    As far as we’re concerned, that history is filed along side the trials of the team’s namesake, Chief Blackhawk in an archive somewhere. It’s ancient history. Let’s see it again.

    Madhouse Enforcer is here to let this team know one thing: you ain’t done. Say hello to your not-so-friendly motivator. Enforcer aims to keep the tabs on the ‘Hawks, and discourage them from waiting another couple decades to win again. In that regard, we've chosen six team personalities to chase:

    Jonathon Toews
    Mild mannered superhero with a shy streak.

    Patrick Kane
    Wild child or superstar?

    Joel Quenneville
    Mustachioed game planner displays steely reserve, and stares.

    Rocky Wirtz
    Legacy owner credited with organizational turnaround.

    Marty Turco
    Veteran goalie looking to gel with a new squad.

    Marian Hossa
    Journeyman goal-scoring machine who finally netted a championship.
    We won't cover these guys to the exclusion of game coverage (Chief Blackhawk forbid) or breaking news -- the six are simply the faces through which we'll tell the stories. And since injury lurks on any given faceoff and every overenthusiastic swig of Gatorade, we won't hesitate to replace the lame and maimed.
    Your guide on this ice-cold excursion is Sam Fels, a lifelong Chicagoan and veteran hockey writer who hocks The Committed Indian, an unofficial game program outside the United Center’s Gate 3 during home games. He can break down a game better than your hockey loving grandpa.

    Complementing Fels’ inspired stick work: veteran sports journalists Peggy Kusinski, Paula Faris and Darryl Hawks, who'll add reporting from the practice and playing ice, plus exclusive video.
    Questions? Comments? Furrow-browed concern? Hit us up on Facebook.