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The Playoff Mullet Returns



    Kane's Mullet is Back

    Now that Blackhawks are back in the playoffs, Patrick Kane resurrects the mullet he sported last year. As the team departed for Wednesday's game in Vancouver, Kaner talks about the challenges of the season and the road ahead. (Published Tuesday, May 3, 2011)

    During the Chicago Blackhawks Stanley Cup run in 2010, baby-faced Patrick Kane couldn't grow a playoff beard like the rest of his post-pubescent teammates.

    So he grew the playoff mullet as a substitute.

    Monday the mullet returned to Kane's head, complete with racing stripes.

    "It's back," Kane said after a big reveal Monday afternoon.  

    Hopefully Kane can recapture some of the playoff magic that propelled him and his teammates to glory.

    A quick glance at why opposing teams should fear the mullet:

    Kane's 2010 Playoff Statistics

    • 10 Goals
    • 18 Assists
    • 28 points
    • Cup Winning Shot

    Kane and the 'Hawks will take on the Canucks, a team they beat handily last season, starting Wednesday in Vancouver.